My name is Putthivath "Miky" Chea, also known as XsK_Samurai, and I've been playing fighting games competitively for about 6 years with one year being professional under the organization Winterfox. I'm a huge advocate of learning fundamentals of any fighting game and have found huge success in growing and developing those areas in my style.

My teaching career has played an important part of my life in the past several years. I've passionately worked with students who have had many different needs and love helping them find their own ways to improve academically, socially, and/or emotionally.

I use the same passion, excitement, and drive for teaching grade school students when approaching a student in fighting games. Their needs may differ from others, but I'm able to help them excel and grow at THEIR own pace.

I've also been mentored by fighting game greats such as Justin Wong, Filipino Champ, Tokido, John Choi, Alex Valle, and many more. Along with years of my own personal experiences, I want this opportunity to share with you what they have shared with me in order to obtain short-term and, most importantly, long-term goals.


  • Footsies & Fundamentals
  • Developing the mental game (In and out of game)
  • The iconic "fireball game"
  • Breaking barriers that cause players to plateau
  • Street Fighter V mastery of Ryu and Akuma


  • 3rd place at West Coast Warzone 2017
  • 4th place at Cen-Cal Standoff 2017
  • 17th place at Capcom Cup Finals 2016
  • 1st place at Battle on the Strip 2016
  • 9th at CPT Regional Finals NA 2016
  • 2nd at The Fall Classic 2016
  • 3rd at Brooklyn Beatdown NA Finals 2016
  • 1st at CPT NA Online Ranking Event 2016